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Bus station


The student's campus can be reached from the downtown by bus (the bus stop is located in front of the dorms) the bus line that go straight to the city center is line no.12 it leaves every 10 minutes - single ticket is 3z 20gr (reduced fare with the valid student's ID is 1z 60gr).

Make sure you validate tickets when entering the tram or bus.

"Silesian trams" (Tramwaje ¦l±skie) is one of the largest streetcar systems in the World, in existence since 1894. The system spreads for more than 50 kilometres (east-west) and covers thirteen districts of the proposed Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union: Katowice, Będzin, Bytom, Chorzów, CzeladĽ, D±browa Górnicza, Gliwice, Mysłowice, Ruda ¦l±ska, Siemianowice ¦l±skie, Sosnowiec, ¦więtochłowice and Zabrze.

Tickets for public transportation may be purchased at news-stands, automatic machines and from drivers (no discount, exact amount of money).

If you are intending to use public transport more often other more advantageous possibilities are available. You can buy a buss pass (for 1 or 3 months) which is relatively cheap and enables you to travel in Katowice and/or other cities using all of the ZTM bus lines and/or trams. It is the solution for students who travel freqently by buses and/or trams. Buss pass is valid for one specified holder only.

In case of ticket inspection if you have a discount ticket you are obliged to show the valid student's id. Otherwise you will pay a fine. When you forget your student id. buy a regular ticket. Students must have a valid stamp on their students' id. Traveling without valid ticket result in fines: 150 PLN, 110 PLN (if paid within seven days), 90 PLN (if paid on the spot)

ZTM For more information visit www.metropoliaztm.pl

If you happen to miss the bus there are some mini-buses, which also go to the city center, they are faster and not that crowded and cost only 2,40 PLN (no discount available).

Peter and Leszek

Peter and Leszek cooperating with HMI and provide almost any kind of transportation services (in and outside the city, ride to the airports, moving, shopping and trips).

Piotrek Leszek
Peter +48 601 421 534 Leszek +48 601 253 609

If you want to go to the airport, let us know, please come to HMI office or call Peter or Leszek and provide some details like:

We need to know that to arrange your transportation. If you arrange transportation be on time or earlier, otherwise you may miss your flight. The time set by the driver is appropriate to reach the airport on time, considering weather condition and traffic jams.
It's better to be earlier than late.

When coming back to Poland you arranged transportation and missed your flight or if your flight is delayed or cancelled please call us. Our time is also valuable as your's and you will save us an unnecessary trip to the airport.
Please notice the fact that reaching the Katowice (Pyrzowice) airport from Ligota takes about 40 minutes and Kraków (Balice) airport about 1 hour.
Please arrange your arrival few days earlier by e-mail or call us, because we may be unavailable when you coming and need to find replacement. If you have any unusual luggage dimensions let us know earlier, the cars have limited capacity.


The most comfortable and fastest means of transport is a cab. The price varies on the distance and on whether it is day or night. Taxi companies provide: cargo and passenger transportation,celebrations, minor purchases, road assistance, hire of Chauffeurs, couriers and many discounts. Tipping is not expected. Echo taxi and City Taxi Katowice offers special discounts for our students.

Echo Taxi www.echotaxi.ppsi.pl 32 201 42 00
CAR-BON Taxi www.carbontaxi.pl 666 227 266
Lider Taxi www.lider-taxi.pl 32 723 23 23
Taxi Rondo www.taxirondo.com.pl 32 205 26 26
Tele-taxi www.tele-taxikatowice.pl 32 209 09 09
Taxi 9191 www.taxi919.katowice.pl 32 91 91
City-Taxi Katowice www.citytaxi.katowice.pl 32 203 77 77


PKP Intercity

PKP Intercity was established to take care of upper standard trains like Eurocity, Intercity, Night Express and Express. PKP Intercity provides: payment by card in all trains , bicycle transportation, meal request, transportation of pets, conductor shipments, online ticket sales. Katowice has direct railway connections with such cities as: Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Moscow, Hamburg. The journey by the InterCity train from Katowice to Warsaw takes less than 3 hours. For more information visit www.intercity.pl

PKP Regional Carriers

PKP Regional Carrier - provide nationwide connections only. It was established to take care of lower standard trains like Fast and Local. It doesn't have so sophisticated services as PKP Intercity. For more information visit www.pkp.pl. You can also call (22) 9436 then press 4 for information in English.

Polrail Service - The Polish Train Page

Polrail Service providing information for the traveller and promoting rail travel in Poland. It is an independent web site operated by Polrail Service and is not affiliated with the Polish railways. The Polish Train Page provide rail travel guide, information about discounts, rail travel FAQ, many useful links, english & polish railway dictionary and photo gallery. It is really worth to visit www.polrail.com.

Renting a car

Renting a car in Poland is rather expensive but there are a few car rental agencies in Katowice. Many of which are situated at the airport , near the hotels and in downtown.

AVIS RENT A CAR www.avis.pl
BUDGET RENT A CAR www.budget.pl
HERTZ www.hertz.com
JOKA www.joka.com.pl
JOLCAR RENT A CAR www.jolcar.com.pl
Silvercar rent a car www.silvercar.pl

Driving by car

Note that Poland has strong drink-driving laws: 0,2% is the maximum blood/alcohol limit. The speed limit is 50 km/hr in cities, 90 km/hr outside urban areas, 110 km/hr on dual carriageways and 130 km/hr on motorways. All cars are required to carry red warning triangle, first aid kit, replacement bulbs and fire extinguisher. The headlights have to be switched on at all times throughtout the year.

Towing Service

www.pomocdrogowa-katowice.pl "MAWA" Towing Service looks forward to assisting you in all your roadside service and recovery needs. They can be reached 24/7 by phone at +48 602 772 416
Visit our website www.pomocdrogowa-katowice.pl


Katowice Pyrzowice Airport The Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice is the most dynamically developing airport in Europe. Currently, the airport serves over one million passengers a year.

From the Katowice, one may directly reach: London, Rome, Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rome, Stockholm, Oslo, Cologne, Munich, Düsseldorf, Milan, Liverpool, Glasgow, Barcelona, Athens, Brussels or Warsaw. Due to the engagement of such carriers as: Wizzair, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Centralwings, Air France or Lot, Silesia may be reached by air easily, cheap and comfortably from the whole Europe.

KTW Katowice (Pyrzowice Airport) www.katowice-airport.com +48 32 392 73 85
KRK Kraków (Balice Airport) www.lotnisko-balice.pl +48 12 295 58 00
WAW Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport www.lotnisko-chopina.pl +48 22 650 42 20

How to get to Kraków or Wrocław -

We recommend that you take one of the mini buses from Katowice downtown.

UNIBUS www.uni-bus.com.pl +48 12 295 58 00
Lajkonik Bus www.lajkonikbus.pl +48 664 173 157

Travel Agents in Katowice

INT Travel al. Korfantego 51 www.inttravel.pl +48 32 258 09 56
GTL Travel al. Korfantego 1a www.gtltravel.com.pl +48 32 257 21 00
EKO-TOUR ul. Kolejowa 57 B www.ekotour.com.pl +48 32 252 30 58

Travel safety