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ABE-IPS Books Online Journals
Offers the largest collection of scientific & trade books, online publications and journals in Eastern Europe. The on-line catalogue accessible via abe.pl provides information on 12,000,000 titles, of which over 30,000 we have currently on stock.
A bookstore and e-shop specialized in selling english medical books to foreign students studying medicine in Poland. In our offer you will find most popular textbooks, review books, medical tests, atlases and flash cards.
Medyceusz Co. in Gdansk is the owner of medical bookstore medbook.com.pl. Medical bookshop started in September 1997 and shortly became the biggest medical bookstore online.
Top Mark Centre
We import medical books in English, mainly textbooks for students and specialised publications for medicine doctors. We have been collaborating for years with Polish tertiary medical schools supplying them with professional literature.

"Mark-Med" clinic

If you need any medical help please come to HMI office. We will make you an appointment in "Mark-Med" clinic.

ul. Stara Kłodnicka 43
40-703 Katowice
phone +48 32 781 87 04
English speaking doctor is available:
Monday-Friday 1400 - 1600
Monday-Friday 900 - 1100 emergency situations only

Orientation week

The first week in Poland is called "Orientation Week". It's organized for a first year students.

During the "Orientation Week" we organize for you:

During the "Orientation Week" you don't have any classes

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS for English-language program students

  1. Completion of index and grade sheets including all required signatures obtained on particular departments Additionally, submitting all original evaluation forms in the case of US rotations.
  2. Making all university fees calculated by the school Financial Department
  3. Confirmation from Hope Medical Institute about paying all HMI fees
  4. Providing the Office of the Dean with the following items:
    • completed index and grade sheets
    • 6 diploma pictures sized 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm
    • receipt of paying diploma fee (100 PLN). This fee is due to be paid in cash at the cashier of the Medical University of Silesia for students in Poland or to be forwarded through HMI for students in the US
    • return of the student ID back to the Dean's Office
    • Exit Interview form filled out by a student (only if a student applied for Stafford Loan during his or her education period at the Medical University of Silesia)

After the diploma is picked up and signed by a student, it must be certified by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs -ask Marcin for details