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Mail services

Post office (Poczta Polska)

Post Office In Poland offer a wide range of services. You can send letters, parcells, telegrams and faxes. You can also buy stamps, postcards, telephone cards, boxes and envelopes. The post office which is the closest to the Campus is on ul. Panewnicka 75. Post offices are open from Monday to Friday, usually from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. except national holidays.

Central Post Office is located on ul. Pocztowa 9 in downtown. Open 24hrs.


Express mail

DHL www.dhl.com 0 801 345 345
UPS www.ups.com +48 32 606 91 91
TNT www.tnt.com 0 801 31 00 00
FedEx www.fedex.com 0 800 4 33339
POCZTEX www.pocztex.pl 0 804 104 104
Western Union www.westernunion.com
MBE Mail Boxes ETC www.mbe.com +48 32 204 52 39

Bank account

Every student regardless of their citizenship can open a bank account in Poland. You can set up a bank account in USD or zlotys. To open a bank account you need your passport and second id. (driving license, student id.). Please print Open bank account form and fill in capital letters. The form is very helpful during opening bank account procedure.

The ING Bank Šl±ski is the closest bank to the Campus. It is located on ul. Panewnicka 66 Bank is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except national holidays.

If you want withdraw more than 250 USD let them know 3 workdays before transaction.

Your parents can transfer some money to your account from abroad. They need to know your bank account number and SWIFT code, which is INGBPLPW for ING BANK.

ATM's (bankomat) are widespread. But remember that there is a commision charged unless you have got the card from the particular bank and use its ATMs.

How to Rent an Apartment in Poland

The students of the first year are preffered to live at the dorms. HMI representatives can help faster when the students are gathered in one place. The students are very safe on the campus, they can study together, and help each other.

Before starting to look for an apartment for rent, it is wise to check the following: rent, size of apartment, area, utilities and desired date of occupation.

The prices vary of apartment's standard, area. There are additional payments for the utilities (water, electricity, gas, land line, internet). Paying a deposit to the owner is common practice in Poland. The deposit will be returned on the condition that apartment is not damaged and it has been repainted and there is no delay payments when you are moving out.

After deciding you can start looking for an apartment through real estate agents. Using agents is the easiest way to search for an apartment in Poland.