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General information

  • Location - central Europe
  • Area - 312,683 sq km
  • Population - 38, 122,000
  • Capital - Warszawa (Warsaw)
  • Warsaw's population - 1.700.536
  • Government - Republic since 1918
  • Language - Polish is the official language; English, German and Russian are also spoken
  • Religion - more than 90% of the Polish community are Roman Catholics

Neighbouring countries (border length):

  • Russia (Kaliningrad District) (210 km)
  • Lithuania (103 km)
  • Byelorussia (416 km)
  • Ukraine (529 km)
  • Slovakia (539 km)
  • Czech Republic (790 km)
  • Germany (467 km)
  • Length of sea border (528 km)

Total length of national border 3582 km
Map of Poland

National holidays

On all national holidays the transportation by trains, buses and trams is limited.
Malls and some grocery stores may be closed. Restaurants, pubs, cultural institutions and sport facilities are open.
In Poland the free days are:

1st January New Year
movable in April Easter Sunday
movable in April Easter Monday
1st May Labour Day
3rd May the Constitution Day
movable in August Corpus Christi
15stAugust the Assumption of Our Lady
1stNovember All Saints' Day
11thNovember The Independence Day
25thDecember Christmas Day
26thDecember Boxing Day



Weather The weather in Poland is variable, there are four seasons in Poland: spring, summer, fall and winter. In the hottest spells - from June to August - the temperature can reach 30°C (86°F) and higher. In winter, there are periods of extreme cold with temperatures reaching -20°C. During this time, there is lots of snow in Poland so you can go skiing in the mountains. The temperature in fall and spring is from 10°C (50°F) to 20°C (66°F). In September and October it can be quite cold, but on the other hand it might be quite warm. There are a few or dozen really warm and sunny days, known as the "golden Polish autumn. The Silesian region, where Katowice is situated, is one of the warmest parts of the country.

Polish language

Polish is the official language of Poland, it is spoken by most of the 38 million inhabitants of Poland. Learning a few words will help you many times in Poland and may even win you friends and admirers. Find a polish girlfriend or boyfriend to learn Polish.


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Useful Polish expressions

English expression Polish translation Sounds like mp3
Good morning Dzień dobry dzhehn dobri
Good afternoon Dobry wieczór dobri vyehchoor
Good night Dobranoc dobrahnots
Good bye Do widzenia do veedzehnah
See you later Do zobaczenia do zobahchehnah
Excuse me Przepraszam pshehprahshahm
Please Proszę prosheh
Thank you Dziekuję dzhehnkooyeh
Hi Cześć cheshch
How do you do ? Jak się masz ? yahk syeh mash
That's all right W porządku fpozhontku
Yes Tak tahk
No Nie neh
Where ? Gdzie ? gdzheh
Where are we ? Gdzie jesteśmy ? gdzheh yehstehsymi
Who ? Kto ? kto
Who is it ? Kto tam ? kto tahm
What ? Co ? tzo
What is this ? Co to jest ? tso to yehst
What does this mean ? Co to znaczy ? tso to znahchi
When ? Kiedy ? kyehdi
How ? Jak ? yahk
How much/many? Ile ? eeleh

School of Polish language

The School offers: experienced lectors of Polish language with a long practice both in country and abroad, the best conditions of learning and professional education: small groups (4 to 14 people, individual classes are also possible), modern programmes of teaching, differential courses, didactic aids with the use of recognised textbooks, multimedia and computer programmes.

SCHOOL OF POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE UNIVERSITY OF SILESIA The School cooperates with foreign centers of teaching Polish language and with national institutions. There is possibility to learn in Poland and abroad.

The School carries out the tests and exams confirm the knowledge of Polish language on a given level of advancement. The School prepares for passing certificate exams from Polish language as a foreign language.

Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 1 , 40-032 Katowice, Poland
Tel.: +48 (32) 251 29 91, +48 (32) 200 94 24
Fax: +48 (32) 251 29 91, +48 (32) 255 32 29
E-mail: szkola@homer.fil.us.edu.pl

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