Hope International

Our Services

Hope International provide services to all prospective candidates who applied to continue their higher education in Medicine, Nursing, and Engineering studies in Poland with the company's partner Universities. The company recruits prospective candidates for the partner Universities which the exclusive wright was given on an agreement for the particular continent or country where it assists in all procedures for the candidates who are seeking for admission for higher studies.

Our services to the candidates and enrolled students are listed as below:

  1. Process all the required documents to submit to the partner University prior to the admission and assist in application process
  2. Assist in sending required documents to get the study visa to Poland.
  3. Arrange agreement with the dorms and landlords on behalf of the enrolled students prior to applying for the visa
  4. Arrange airport pick-ups and transportation to the dorms
  5. Provides orientation week after the arrival to Poland (city, campus, shopping)
  6. Assists in opening bank account in Poland
  7. Assists in getting national or private health Insurance in Poland
  8. Assists students to apply for the residency permit in Poland
  9. Assists students seeking medical care with the partner clinics
  10. 24 hour emergency assistance for all the students who are in need
  11. Offer part time jobs (depends on the field of study)
  12. Propose available scholarships

Above mentioned are few of our services what we offer. From day one the candidate decides to take off to Poland for his or her higher studies till the person gets the diploma the company continuously monitor and support the students. Depending on the field of study company assists and suggests possible availability of part time jobs for the students. For more than 20 years we have been providing our support and services to the partner Universities and Institutions and our scope is to make the foreign student in Poland feel like at their home country. We are happy to hear that our services are up to world standard and we constantly receive appreciation letters from various foreign missions in Poland.