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Students may live in the Dorms, which is within walking distance of the lecture and seminar buildings on the campus in Katowice-Ligota. On the campus there are two buildings where the students live (Medyków 24 and 26).The place offers three kinds of accommodation.

The students of the first year are preffered to live at the dorms. HMI representatives can help faster when the students are gathered in one place. The dorms is a place where you can study together and help each oder.

The students are very safe on the campus because the dorms are protected by a proffesional company and the campus is watched by the police with more attention. HMI has organized additional security inside the dorms.

All rooms are well furnished (studying table, chair, closet and bed or couch); there is also a bathroom and kitchen in each room.

On each floor there are washing machines, which are shared. There is also a choice of guest rooms to accommodate students' friends.

If You want to report any technical defects, please use the service book in reception room.

For more information and room reservation
please contact the Dorm's Office

Phone: +48 32 208 85 70
Fax: +48 32 252 80 18
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 800 - 1000, 1300 - 1500

Dorm address is:

ul. Medyków 24 or 26
40-752 Katowice

Building No. 24

  • 8 floors
  • laundry on each floor
  • 2 elevators
  • dorms office
  • TP public phone

Building No. 26

  • 7 floors
  • laundry on each floor
  • 2 elevators
  • Hope international Office (HMI Office)
  • internet room
  • study room
  • Coca-Cola vending machine

Internet connection

A connection to the internet is available in every room.

To get your internet connection:

  1. Get your MAC address
  2. Take it to Dorm's office
  3. Wait for activation

What is a MAC address ?

A MAC address is a unique number assigned to a Network Interface Card (NIC), commonly called an Ethernet card. This "address" is created by the manufacturer.

A MAC address is a 12-digit number. Each digit is a number from 0-9 or a letter from A-F. Sometimes the digits of a MAC address are separated by colons or dashes. Examples of possible MAC addresses include: 080007A92BFC, 09:00:07:A9:B2:EB, or 09-10-4A-B9-E2-A4.

How to obtain your MAC address ?

  1. From the menu start click Run
  2. In the Run window, type in command then click the OK button.
  3. type in ipconfig /all and press the enter key
  4. You can find your MAC address next to the label Physical Address
  1. Go to the Command prompt (go to start, run, type cmd)
  2. On prompt line type: getmac and press Enter
  3. Your Ethernet adapter address is the physical address (MAC address).

If this doesn't work for XP, go to network connections, properties, and point cursor over adapter name.

Rent payments

Students must pay their rent for the period October - January in advance - till October 1st

For the winter semester (February - June) the payment deadline is the 1st of February

Summer rent must be paid till June 30th

There will be no refund of the payment made by students who decide to resign their studies.

Dormitory fee must be paid to the University account in polish zloty (PLN) via bank transfer only.

Apartment Rent/month
Small 1 person 890 PLN 740 PLN
Small 2 people 1020 PLN 860 PLN
Big 1 person 970 PLN 810 PLN
Big 2 people 1120 PLN 940 PLN

ALL information according to Rules and Regulations of the Medical University of Silesia.

When you want to recover your deposit, you must return equipment undamaged and clean.
Let the Dorm's office know 1 month earlier about request.


REGULATIONS For student dormitory of Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny in Katowice